Parth & Shorvari are soon to become parents on Dil Se Dil Tak

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Shorvari and Parth’s depth of love cannot be measured. We saw last how the couple was extremely worried for the sake of their family’s happiness, and was ready to go to any extent to see the smile on everyone’s face. However, after listening to the news of failed insemination process of Teni they got into dilemma. The only solution left was to bring Parth and Teni close. Going against the will Shorvari convinces Parth to do this, however he feels otherwise and knows how this could be the biggest sacrifice on their parts.





In the last episode the family members congratulated Parth and Shorvari on their third marriage anniversary. The duo was once again dressed as the bride and the groom. Shorvari called Teni home the same night and left her with Parth alone. In the meanwhile when she was weeping in the other room she got a call from Jalpa Bua, and received the greatest news that the previous insemination process didn’t fail on Teni but it was confirmed she is pregnant. Shorvari’s happiness knew no bounds. She ran towards their room, but looking at Teni and Parth she paused for a moment. Later it got revealed that nothing happened between Parth and Teni. Shorvari broke the news in front of Parth about Teni’s pregnancy, Parth couldn’t believe it! Parth’s mother also overheard them talking about it and she felt equally ecstatic.





Parth, Shorvari and Jalpa Bua decided that the best way to take care of Teni would be to be away from their family and shift to the US for some time so that nobody knows about the surrogacy. Teni jumped on this thrilling news, as it’s her dream to go to the US.

What will happen now? Will such a big step be easy for Parth and Shorvari to manage? Or there is another challenge awaiting on ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’?


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