Oops! Puneet and Dimpy caught lying!

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It was a sudden announcement in the house and Puneet and Dimpy were called inside confession room.Now these were the chosen ones for a lie detection test. I am still wondering why only these two?? Is that because these two are the top rankers in the house for ‘Aag lagana’ business? *Eheheheh*


So there was a lie detection test in which both housemates were asked some tough questions about the game. As the two sat in the confession room,they were being monitored by rest of the housemates in the living room without their knowledge. Also the rest of the housemates were given SACH and JHOOTH placards and they were asked to raise either of it whenever the two inside the confession room gave an answer. 


Some of the interesting questions asked to Puneet and Dimpy were as follows-


Puneet- P3G group was formed as a part of politics to play the game? Puneet said a no and his answer was true.


Dimpy- Upen ka aakraamak hona ek sochi samjhi saazish thi? Dimpy answered a no and her answer was true.


Puneet- Kya Dimpy dal badlu girgit hai? His answer was a yes and it was true.


Dimpy- Kya aapne jaan boojh ke P3G ko todne ke liye phoont daali? She said a no but her answer was false!


Puneet- Sonali ka kabhi Gautam aur kabhi Upen ke saath gehri dosti karna kya game ke liye thi? Answer was a yes by him and it was true!


Puneet-Kya Dimpy bina matlab idhar ki baat udhar,aur ghar mein sabse zyada aag lagaati hai? Puneet answered a yes and his answer was true!


So,this wasn’t it! There were several other questions asked too.Don't miss out on the entire drama in tonight’s episode!



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