OMG! This is the girl Gautam wants to marry!

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This was a hilarious sight when Palak called Gautam and Upen on stage, the two hot men in the house! She asked them to compete with each other declaring that the one who lost would have to marry her! Haha! Now this was superb! One instance Palak asked both of them to lift her,surprisingly Gautam couldn't lift her at all while Upen did it quite conveniently! Another moment Palak made Upen read the wedding card written in ‘Shuddh Hindi’ and you can imagine how that went down! Because Gautam lost most of the tasks, he was obliged to marry Palak having no other choice. While leaving the stage the promises were exchanged and once Gauti is out of the house he would marry Palak! Lol, sorry Di!


Coming to Dadi, she carried something or the other for each housemate. She even asked them to use those items as resolutions throughout the week without fail. Some of those were – GK book for Karishma,Hindi seekhen 30 din mein for Oopi, Colorful wigs, with reference to Diandra, for Gauti and asked him to make  Ali wear it and give him praises imagining she was Diandra! Dimpy received a loudspeaker and that she was only allowed to speak to the housemates through that during the week!


There was even a competition between Karishma and Dimpy in whoever has the screechiest voice would break the glass bottle. Who do you think must've shattered the glass to pieces? C'mon bet me!


In a candid moment Kapil also took a selfie with all the members of the house and his own family!


So much to catch on in 2 hours episode tonight at 9 pm!


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