OMG! Shorvari wouldn't mind Parth having a second wife?

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Teni’s feelings for Parth is increasing at a fast pace. For quite some time now we have seen how Teni has been in a constant dilemma with her feelings towards Parth, she has always questioned her love whether being right or no considering Parth is a married man. In a constant struggle between her mind and heart Teni never wished anything wrong for Parth and Shorvari but remained helpless.





Recently on ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ we saw the Bhanushali family enjoying the epic movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’, and Poyni making a statement about the character Bajirao, him being wrong to have another woman in his life when he already has a wife. Shorvari and Aman point out that love doesn’t see such conditions and that it was pure love between Bajirao and Mastani. Other members in the family laugh it off saying it’s just a movie. Interestingly, Shorvari makes a comment saying even if Parth brings another wife she wouldn’t mind but wholeheartedly accept her, because she loves everything about Parth.





But something remained within Teni. The movie and its dialogues left a deep impact on her. In a moment she imagined if Bajirao could have Mastani along with his wife why couldn’t Parth have her as well?! She started imagining herself as Mastani.





What will happen now? Will Teni go out of the way to have Parth in her life? What will happen to Aman then? The story will take a very interesting turn from here on.





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