OMG! Ranveer and Shikhar lock horns over Ishani!

posted by Prerna Arora, last updated on May 20th, 2015 at 5:52 pm

From the moment Ranveer has found out that Ishani and Shikhar are getting married, he has tried everything to break this relation. From taunting Ishani at her own family function to even proposing Ritika for marriage so to get even with Ishani, the angry young man has tried everything but all in vain. The more he tries to separate IshKhar (as the fans are calling them now) the more he's actually helping in bringing them closer!

According to recent plot, we got to know that Ranveer blames Ishani for stealing Shikhar's ancestral jewellery! Not that the claim has no truth, indeed jewellery has been stolen but Ranveer is sure its Ishani who's behind the burglary. He blames her in front of Shikhar's family and in a desperate move she tries to prove her innocence only to find the jewellery missing! So has she really double crossed Shikhar for money?

But the good news is that like always Shikhar has full faith in Ishani and stops Ranveer from maligning her name unnecessarily. But Ranveer goes on to blame Ishani ruthlessly hurting both Shikhar and Ishani's feelings. Eventually we hear Shikhar is forced to take a drastic step and he holds Ranveer by the collar. OMG! Looks like the two lovers of Ishani just can't bear the sight of each other anymore!

But while the two are fighting over Ishani , like literally, do you think she'll step in and plea for peace? Or has she really committed the crime?

Meanwhile, you can watch the entire drama unfolding in this spoiler video!

Tell us what do you think of this volatile trio of Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi in the comments below!

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