OMG! Look whose company did KT and Di enjoy!

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Guys, hold on to your breaths! Now this khabar will make your hearts almost skip a beat. The big news is that instead of frowning and cribbing, Karishma and Diandra were seen laughing and giggling in Gautam’s company. In fact, the trio even teased each other jokingly. Diandra had mentioned about that soft corner that she still carries for Gautam and looked truly happy. She was at ease as her eyes twinkled having Gautam around .Gautam mentioned that he has often been misunderstood as an arrogant guy and that people used to tell his sibling that he (Gautam) was very snooty. So much so that people refrained from approaching him. Gautam cleared out saying he never was what people thought he was. Hmmm we have seen that Mr.Gulati.


He was still going on when Diandra cut him between telling them “arre yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai.” She said she had an image of being too snobbish during her teens and as she grew up her best friends  today were the ones who hated her the most in the past thinking she was audacious. My goodness! Di you are just so much like Gautam. No wonder he is likes you. And wait a minute Di! What do you mean when you say people who hated you earlier are your good friends today?? Are you trying to give to hint someone in the room?? *Eeheheh*


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