OMG it was Karishma's judgement day today!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 11th, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Big Boss asked Karishma who were the two persons according to her from the winning team of the Luxury budget task. Karishma named Diandra giving reasons that she was unwell she kept through the day yet diligently helped the team in cooking. Another name she gave was Ali, who was too good with his hospitality., Immediately after the two names were announced Big Boss launched a task wherein Ali and Diandra would stand against each other in order to win and gain initial perks for the next Captaincy calling it as “Captaincy ke liye shuruwaati faayde”.


The task comprised of two bowls for each competitor, one bowl filled with water and an empty one. There was a straw given to suck the water from one and put in the empty bowl. Whoever remained successful in transferring more water in comparison to the other would win the task. It was a very close competition as both Diandra and Ali put their best in order to win. But in the end Ali won the task once again and came up as the first contender for the captaincy task that would happen later.


I would personally like to see him win it once again and give 'dands' to the housemates! 



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