OMG! IGT acts this week will leave you wanting for more! #IGT

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on May 20th, 2015 at 9:40 pm

This week on IGT, will see a mind blowing performance! Try to picture this-  a girl inside a glass ball and something truly imaginative happening around it. If you are already wondering about 'What she must be doing inside?'  we want you to keep thinking for two more days.


As if this wasn't enough, IGT this week will also bring you one more mind-boggling act 'Instillation art', which is so wonderful that Karan calls the performing group a genius! We understand how curious you must be by now and must be wondering what could they possibly come up with, but 'sabr ka phal meetha hota hai'!' (3)


Yet another act we insist you shouldnt miss is the mother and son act, which will overwhelm the judges and we bet, you too! To give you slight jitters, we also have a girl this time, who will be lifting host, Nakuul Mehta, with her ears. Apart from these unimaginable surprises, what we also have for you are the 'atrangee' acts! (2)
To begin with we are having a special guest this time – A Buffalo called Jaya! Neah, she is certainly not coming to showing her talent, but her owner Mr. Gangaram, who will accompany Jaya in grazing and eating raw leaves and grass. *Eeeks!* Do we need to mention the verdict post that? But, the highlight of the episode is a Malaika Arora Khan look-alike dancing on ‘Munni badanaam’.
And, on this note, we will leave you excited for the next two day. Don't forget to watch IGT6, this Saturday at 9 pm, only on Colors!







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