OMG! Diandra and Gautam locked in the bathroom!

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Looks like since it was Gautam’s birthday, Di tried to make it extra special for him as much as she could. I found Di more excited than the birthday boy himself. I almost fainted to see the duo going towards the washroom area. Diandra pulled him inside the washroom and locked it for almost a minute. What happened inside? The moment they came outside, Gautam had an expression -‘No more Pangaas’ with Diandra! Apparently, all this happened when Gautam told Di that he is absolutely  fearless and that he doesn’t fear her. But Di knew his weakness (Winks!)


Once Gautam got into the living room Renee ,Puneet and Sonali looked at him as if they wanted to bombard him with their questions. Our bindaas babe Sonali directly questioned him whom he would want to marry in future, a girl from Mumbai or Delhi? Gautam had mixed answers to the same. May be it gets clear once you watch the episode.


Guess what! There was a surprise birthday party and cake cutting for Gautam towards the end of the day! Something else also  happened too which left my jaws dropped during the celebration.




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