OMG! Chakor Gets Ragged On First Day To School! #Udann

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on March 11th, 2015 at 5:50 pm

In the previous episode we saw how Chakor escaped a panicky situation created by Bhaiyaji in intent to delay her from school. But in tonight's episode once again Chakor faces a new hurdle. Chakor is all set to go to school after much struggle and when Kamal sees her in uniform he's is furious at the sight. If this wasn't enough Chakor asks for his blessings before she  leaves for school and she gets a harsh scolding instead.

Kamal calls the principal and threatens him to any how throw Chakor out of the school. The principal is left with no choice but agree. Chakor comes running to school behind Suraj's car and somehow manages to be just in time. She is offered help by a student to show her to her class but she doesn't realize that it's a trap set to rag her. The student who offers help is Suraj's friend and guides her to a classroom she doesn't belong to.

Eventually Suraj and his friends begin to rag Chakor. The rich spoilt brats empty their fountain pens ink on a neatly dressed Chakor making her look anything but presentable.

Will Chakor manage to go to school like other normal students? Will Chakor be able to save herself from getting ragged?

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