OMG! Ali becomes the captain the fourth time!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 16th, 2015 at 1:30 pm

After the shocking tabaadla, the captaincy task this time again was a twister. Bigg Boss asked the Champion's team to decide first, with a mutual consensus the two mates who were not upto the mark to become the house captains. After a while of discussion, the champions came to a conclusion that Karishma and Mahek would be fine to be excluded for their reasons.


The next stage was the captaincy challenge and now the contenders were Pritam, Sambhavna and Ali from the Champion's team. The activity area had a huge carom board setup and one end of the board had C mark on it. Now each contender had to hit the striker in such a way that the striker reached as close to the C mark, ensuring that the striker didn’t go ahead of the mark. Each contender got one chance. Unfortunately, Sambhavna’s striker went ahead of the mark but Ali and Pritam’s were just a little close to each other. Now, the challengers could also support their favorite contender by getting three chance each to bring the striker of his or her close to the C mark. I noticed nobody supporting Ali as when he got chance to convince people around as in why he should be chosen as captain he didn’t take the effort. But still, looked like his stars were shining bright when in an attempt to move Pritam’s striker ahead, mistakenly Ali’s striker got moved ahead by one of the challengers. And this way he became the captain.


You wouldn’t believe how thrilled Ali was! He went crazy rolling over the carom board saying he became the captain for the 4th time.


If not for anything, do no miss the episode for Ali's funny act tonight!


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