OMG! Ajaz does 'Bal ka Prayog' on Ali!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 5th, 2015 at 5:50 pm

A fun filled moment turned into an ugly sight that nobody could have envisioned. And looks like some contestants have taken the term 'Hall Bol' too seriously!


All the housemates were chilling out in the garden area, singing and cracking jokes. It’s been quite evident how Ajaz has been bullying Ali ever since the moment he stepped inside the house. Initially Ali was extremely happy to see his friend in the house,but slowly he sensed how Ajaz was there with altogether different motives and was trying to poke him and bring him down whenever he got a chance.


So that evening Ali started humming songs but Ajaz expressed that he shouldn’t sing as everyone including him was getting irritated,but Ali ignored his words.In fact the duo teased each other playfully. All of a sudden Ajaz realized that Ali made some statement which he shouldn’t have made regarding certain artistes in the industry and he got extremely aggressive.


Ajaz tried every way possible to provoke Ali as he got little physical, but by then Ali was equally in no mood to joke around and dared Ajaz to hit him. The situation got worse as Ajaz attacked Ali when Ali was still trying to keep it to the level of an argument. Ajaz didn’t bother about the biggest rule of the house, as he grabbed and punched Ali. Ali couldn’t do anything in his defense until others came running to save him.

All of them severely condemned Ajaz’s act and warned him not to repeat.His attack could have been fatal for Ali who felt blacked out for a moment.

What was the verdict by Bigg Boss? Will Ajaz get punished? And was Ali equally at fault?


Catch one of the biggest fights in the house tonight!


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