Oh, Rishi and Tanuja to make each other feel jealous? Read to know how!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on July 12th, 2017 at 6:36 pm

This week on Kasam we will see how Rishi will save Tanya and Natasha from the terrorist attack. During the ordeal when Rishi is about to get killed by the attacker, Tanuja will come and save him, however Rishi would just sense her presence but wouldn’t know she saved him.






At an exciting point Tanuja will get to know that Mr. Khadoos that Abhishek always talks about is none other than Rishi, whereas Rishi would get shocked to know Tanuja is Abhishek’s wife and Natasha is their daughter. Tanuja would feel the pain to find Nethra around Rishi. Rishi would equally feel hurt to know Tanuja is happy with Abhishek, after latter says the same.






There would be an instant in the upcoming episode when both Tanuja and Rishi would make each other jealous by getting closer to Abhishek and Nethra respectively.






Another nail-biting moment would be when Abhishek and Rishi would get drunk at an occasion and blurt out the secrets about their personal lives in a moment of anger. This would put Tanuja and Nethra in a fix.






What will happen after that?


To know how the story unfolds further watch ‘Kasam’


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