Oh No! Is Kajal trying to trick the Sareen family? #Shastri Sisters

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on April 10th, 2015 at 10:19 am

The story of Shastri Sisters had some interesting twists and turns during the week. It was a sad moment for Devyani when she had to let go of Neel and see him marry Kajal. On the other hand, Kajal believes she has caught a big fish by getting married in the Sareen family and eventually it's a huge setback for Mr. Shastri and the family!

But soon the story will take a new turn when the new entry in the house, Kajal, is actually trying to conspire against them all. Neither Neel nor the Sareens are aware of her wrong intentions with which she got herself married into the house. However, Neel clearly mentions to her post marriage that for him the relation doesn't exist. But will that hamper Kajal's evil plans?

In tonight’s episode we will see that post the wedding night Kajal complains that she slept on the floor throughout the night and constantly tries to project that she is helpless, poor and an innocent girl.

All this while we notice Kajal’s phone is constantly ringing which she keeps on disconnecting. Well, we wonder why! Minty, who is at ease thinking her plans worked and she got rid of Devyani, gets a shock when she sees Kajal coming out with her luggage!

What’s the exact game in Kajal’s mind? Will this decision to make Kajal her bahu, fall flat on Minty? What will happen when Neel gets to see his wife's true face?


Catch the entire episode of Shastri Sisters tonight at 7PM, only on COLORS!

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