Now what did Diandra cry for?

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Diandra got shock of her life as she woke up in the morning to find Gautam fidgeting with the items which looked fishy to her. She looked extremely upset through the day. When she couldn’t control she went to the washroom to wipe off her hidden tears.Yes! so poor Di’ felt cheated by Gautam for not letting her know that he was a Con man too! She thought at least she could be informed about it by him. Gautam followed her everywhere in the house and gave her a warm hug to pacify her. He tried to reason with her and said they were all here to play a game where he had to abid by the rules. All this while Di kept sobbing and kept her head on his shoulder * Sob Sob*


Oh cummon! It was a task and Gauti didn’t betray you in real! But after knowing all of this,do you think Di would support Gauti  being a thief because she adores him so much? Or will she realize the fact and prove to be an honest security guard ensuring the safety of the Museum?


Watch it all tonight!


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