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Not Again! Swami Om Intervenes During The Captaincy Task On Bigg Boss!

posted by Webdunia, last updated on December 29th, 2016 at 3:39 pm

In an interesting twist tonight Rohan and Manveer along with other housemates gear up for the captaincy task on Bigg Boss 10. Both Manveer and Rohan are seen getting advise by their supporters as in how to play the smart game in order to win!


PIC 14



Swami Om quietly goes and sits on the side of Rohan's flowers, which comes to the notice of the housemates. Bani even warns him to move away from the place but he doesn't. Gaurav hints at Rohan to be careful about the same, as he might try to disrupt things. The task starts, Manveer and Rohan move swiftly in order to place maximum flowers at the same time ensuring the other one has planted less by removing theirs.


PIC 30




But all of a sudden Swami Om jumps in between and starts removing the flowers! What happens next?


PIC 35



Tune in to know at 10:30 PM on Bigg Boss 10!


PIC 38


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