Nominations Revisited!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 17th, 2014 at 1:56 pm

People came, people went. A little more than half the season is over and we have been welcoming so many new faces. Relations have been building, relationships have been going sour. But there are a few things that never change in the Bigg Boss house, the ‘Weekly Nominations’. And the day is back again! 


This is also the first time that Gautam remains safe this week from nominations. Not that it was affecting his stay in the house anyway. Just saying! But this time he was given a special right as a captain to choose two names whom he can call safe from his end for the week’s nominations. Who did he choose, I won’t tell you yet. But, in the very next stance, Big Boss asked for four other names from the united consent of the housemates, whom they wanted to nominate for this week. It took them a while to decide, but finally they all got ready with names,and the people who nominated that particular contestant gave reasons for the same. This season has been really very different as opposed to the previous episodes where the contestants feared open nominations, feeling a little awkward and indecisive to speak in front of others.


So who were the two fortunate housemates? Watch the Nomination Special tonight at 9 pm!


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