No more Khatra for this Khiladi? #KKK6

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on March 20th, 2015 at 4:49 pm

Past few weeks Rohit Shetty has tested the contestants on many dangerous levels and each time someone or the other has left him speechless. Seeing the spirit of the game in everyone the host decided to present a huge advantage to at least one Khiladi. But now who could it be and how do you think will it be decided?

This weekend Rohit announces the much-talked about ‘advantage’ and reveals that when he’ll place a hat on someone’s head that contestant will gain the advantage. And he even approaches Sana for the same! But…kintu…parantu…Has Rohit’s instructions ever been this simple? Hah! While the joke was on Sana, Rohit does really hand over the advantage to this Khiladi who has never been in elimination before.  And his/her advantage is that anytime this Khiladi is in elimination he/she can back out and move ahead in the game.  Wow, to have such a huge advantage over others, the plot just thickens!

Besides the talk about advantages and immunity, Rohit also reveals that this weekend no one will get the ‘Fear Phanda.’ So does that mean no elimination? Nope! Instead of the dreaded yellow band contestants will gain points and all tasks will be in partners. The highlight of the week will surely be the ‘Chopper task’ which has been anticipated for quite some time now!

Do not forget to tune into Fear Factor Khatron ke Khiladi Darr ka Blockbuster Returns as contestants face their biggest fears this weekend at 9PM only on Colors!

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