Nitibha tries to make Monalisa and Om Swami smile on Bigg Boss 10!

posted by Prutha Soman, last updated on October 28th, 2016 at 1:14 pm

Om Swami and Monalisa were selected to go to jail after the second luxury budget task. Both were upset with the decision of their team and also resisted going to jail. While Om Swami got agitated, Monalisa expressed herself by breaking down and blaming the team. But they had no choice as rules had to be followed and both landed in jail yet again.


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Tonight, Nitibha tries to give them company and cheer them up. She dances and sings for them, asking Monalisa to smile. She also describes in her song how they have got the ‘Jail ka Current’. Nitibha’s efforts work and Monalisa bursts into a happy laughter. Om Swami also feels happy.


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