Nigaar is the cry baby!

posted by Admin, last updated on November 19th, 2014 at 2:20 pm

Just like her little sister, Gauhar, Nigaar too has been gifted with good culinary skills. I have noticed her being too finicky about things in the house, be it cleanliness or the etiquettes. Once I overheard Tanna whispering about her to others that Nigaar isn’t understanding that the old housemates have been in the house for more than 8 weeks and they haven’t still been able to change the habits of few people, then what makes Nigaar think that she will bring the change in one go. True that! Nigaar sweetie everything takes its own sweet time.


It so happened that while Sonali and Nigaar were working in the kitchen, Nigaar started nagging Sonali for certain random things,which made Mamba a little irritated. Since we all know that Sonali cannot take unwanted opinions everytime, was frank enough to ask her to shut up. Nigaar was completely taken aback with Sonali snapping back at her, she moved from the place blabbering in anger.


Sonali had the typical ‘Who cares’ look on face! In fact in one of the sessions where dictator Gautam asked each one to give names of those contestants whom they wanted to nominate, Karishma mentioned about Nigaar saying she is too bossy. Over- sensitive Nigaar took it as an offense and cried over this too. Am sure Big Boss has to supply extra tissue boxes for this one. Oh Nigaar you making them cross their budgets! *Khi Khi Khi*


Time for some exercise!


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