New Year Surprises: Happy Family Time, Enforced Resolutions and Unexpected Exits! Synopsis, Day 102

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As the entire country celebrates the onset of the New Year, so do the contestants of the Bigg Boss house. 2015 is brought in with much enthusiasm and fervor with the promise that housemates have an exciting and unpredictable year to look forward to. For the sake of the contestants, Bigg Boss kick starts the year for them by sending in some special gifts in the form of messages from their loved ones. However, in the game that is Bigg Boss, even the gifts come at a price. This time around, though, the price will not only be paid by the housemates but also by challenger Ajaz Khan and the family members of the housemates. When Ajaz is handed a transistor containing 4 messages by Bigg Boss, he is also burdened with the dilemma of selecting only 2 contestants would will receive the privilege of hearing what their family has to say – for the others, the messages are to be deleted without listening! As such, for two housemates the year promises to start on a very merry note, while for the other two it will be an unnerving beginning.

Every year, the one common tradition is making way for New Year resolutions; and that is the sentiment in the Bigg Boss house as well. The housemates are commissioned to make resolutions; not for themselves but for a housemate selected for them by Bigg Boss. As housemates are paired with their partners, each of them will present a resolution to their co-housemate and convince them to accept and observe the resolution. In a twist of fate, Ali is paired with Sonali, Karishma is paired with Pritam, Gautam is paired with Upen and Puneet paired with Dimpy. Even as they declare the resolutions for the housemate allotted to them, the housemates start to wrangle and quarrel, as they try to persuade their partners to accept these suggested changes in their lives.

But all is not happy in the Bigg Boss house. Even as the contestants finally settle in after grappling for each other’s’ resolutions, Bigg Boss announces a twist in the tale – a mid-week eviction! All the housemates are shell shocked to realize that one contestant will depart from their midst without any prior intimation. Gautam, Puneet and Ajaz are ordered by Bigg Boss to stay within the bedroom area since they are safe from eviction, while the other housemates are made to enter a specially set-up graveyard with grim reapers who are eagerly awaiting their arrival. As the eerie feeling begins to crawl up the spine of the housemates, they are made to lie down in the coffins specially created for each of them. With none of them sure what is about to follow, the grim reapers prepare to take one housemate with them outside the Bigg Boss house and effectively out of the game!

Who will survive the clutches of the grim reapers? And who will be evicted from the Bigg Boss house after coming so close to the end?

To find out, watch Bigg Boss Season 8, every day at 9.00 PM, only on COLORS!

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