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posted by Admin, last updated on December 24th, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Bigg Boss house turned into a news room after the Bhawishiyavaani where Gautam Gulati and Dimpy Ganguly were the news reporters of the Bigg Boss House. The task was named, ‘Bigg Boss News’ wherein the two reporters had to take turns in switching roles as cameraman and journalist. The reporters had to talk to one celebrity at a time and on controversial happenings that have happened in past and asking those celebrities to give their take on the same. On regular intervals as the news alarm rang they had to be seated at the chat session set up in the garden talking to those celebrities on a specific Mudda .Task started off with the first celebrity, Puneet, giving his opinions on some serious issues happened inside the house, followed by Karishma,Upen, Sonali, Pritam and lastly Ali.


Though this was just a task, several sensitive and heart wrenching memories resurfaced from the past that had left deep scars in their hearts. I felt they were all getting carried away, or this could have been a pre-planned game by Bigg Boss that gave them a chance to sort issues there and then or further trigger things to another level. The interesting sessions were certainly when reporter Gautam ( He named himself Om prakash during the session) interrogated Upen trying to dig out, what level of hatred he carried, and once again Dimpy’s session with Ali wherein Gautam tried to annoy the celebrity guest which was extremely hilarious! 


Catch the yet another game changing task tonight @9pm. 


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