Neel's truth to be revealed? #Shastri Sisters

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 27th, 2015 at 4:30 pm

The whole week we have seen Devyani go through a tense situation in her relationship with Neel. Her world comes upside down when Neel changes his stand in front of everyone and refuses to accept his relation with her. Devyani is shocked by this abrupt change in behaviour and tries to question Neel.

In tonight’s episode we will see Devyani's strength double as the Shastri Sisters unite to help Devyani out of this situation. The Sisters try searching for clues that can prove Neel wrong to everyone. Tension soars when Devyani is surprised to know that all the proofs including the one Neel had stored in his computer has been deleted.

Later, with an undefeated heart she shares with Alka that nothing can be done now as the proofs are destroyed. But just then Anu informs them that she has got the number of a source who can help them out with a proof against Neel. Who is this person who can help them during this crisis? And will Minty get to know about their plan?

Watch the entire story tonight on Shastri Sisters at 7PM only on COLORS!

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