Naina faces another major challenge, read to know what it is!

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Trials in Naina and Karan’s married life seem to be never ending. Last on ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’ we saw how Sandhya’s malicious plan once again fails Karan’s attempt to prove himself in front of his father. Heartbroken Karan once again blames himself for not being capable enough to do anything good in life.






In the meanwhile the entire Chauhan household is preparing for ‘Hariyaali teej’ puja, where the women pray for long, happy and prosperous lives of their husbands. Nand Kishore reaches the scene and announces that Naina wouldn’t do the puja as she is not the wife of Karan. He reminds them of a past instance wherein Naina was allowed to be in the house just as a nurse for Karan and was given 15 days for him to get better. Sujaan Singh defending Naina says, if Nand Kishore has made a decision then its fine but if Naina won’t do puja as Karan’s wife then she will do puja as an unmarried girl who wants a man of her choice and in Naina’s case that’s Karan. Eventually Nand Kishore agrees and tells the same to Naina.






The next day both the sisters are shown getting ready. Meghana with sindoor and Naina without sindoor. Meghana emotionally tells Kunal that how her sister has done all the sacrifices so that she could wear sindoor but today she isn’t able to do the same.






Happy with the outcome with whatever is happening, in the upcoming episodes we will see how Sandhya  will once again plot against Naina during the puja so that Naina doesn’t succeed to have Karan.






Another challenge for Naina, but she seems determined to win Karan amidst all the obstacles.






Will she win? How will she resolve all the problems that are piling up?


To know, watch ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’


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