Nail Biting Moments - Duels Ki Takkar

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on March 15th, 2017 at 3:13 pm

Last weekend of Rising Star was thoroughly engrossing, it had the last round of Duels Ki Takkar, and each pair that was competing amongst each other was equally good. It was extremely difficult to decide for whom to vote a yes or a no.

Especially the two jodis that gave us tough time to decide who was even a little better than the other during the last weekend’s Aamna Saamna were – Ankita Kundu Vs Deblina Nath and Sukhdeep Singh Vs Bannet Dosanjh.


Experts simply loved all four of them; however the jaws dropped when Ankita Kundu won the round against Deblina by just 2 percent. The former got 92% of votes whereas the latter received 90%. The moment when the percentage bar was going up in both the cases was really intriguing.


Another one was when Sukhdeep Singh and Bannet Dosanjh came face to face. Experts and the audience watched their performances without batting the eyelids, the curiosity reached its peak when both the singers got 92% of votes, and the experts believed that both equally deserved to get on the next level. It took few moments to decide internally who won, having an exact percentage. Finally it was revealed that Bannet Dosanjh got in total 92.91% of votes as against to Sukhdeep, who received 92.86% of votes. Now this was one moment one wouldn’t have expected.


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