Naagin 2: Kahaani Ab Tak!

posted by Prutha Soman, last updated on November 12th, 2016 at 1:18 pm

Naagin 2 is getting more and more entertaining with every passing week. Have a look at what happened on this thrilling show till now...


 Shivanya's daughter Shivangi and Yamini’s adopted son Rocky fall in love.






Shesha is living as Ruchika and wants to marry Rocky but when Yamini gets to know that Shivanya and her daughter are alive, she makes a plan to get the Naagmani.






Avantika, the Mahishmati queen, returns to this world and joins them.




On the day of wedding, all of them together stab Shivanya but she manages to stay alive and saves Shivangi by dressing up in her bridal outfit and pretends to be her.






Shesha kills Shivanya dressed as Shivangi because she wants to get married to Rocky.




Rocky sees Shivangi dead and goes in a shock.




Meanwhile, Shivangi, who was saved by Shivanya, gets to know about the reality and in Shivanya’s eyes she finds the image of all her killers.




Rocky gets engaged to Shesha, but he sorely misses Shivangi, his true love.




Shesha, Avantika, Yamini and others try to get the Naagmani but in vain. 




On the other hand, Shivangi is able to touch and pick up the Naagmani. Scared that she will have to help her mother’s murderers, she attempts suicide but instead of dying she transforms into a Naagin and her real identity is revealed to her.

Shivangi swears to avenge her mother’s death and goes to Rocky’s house and meets Yamini, where Rocky is going to marry Ruchika.




In the nick of time, Yamini gets Shivangi and Rocky married with an intention to get the Naagmani through Shivangi.




Tune in to Naagin 2, every weekend at 8PM!

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