Must Read: Will Ashoka Agree To Replace Sushim As The General Of Magadh?

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on May 21st, 2015 at 5:57 pm

Since the time Sushim won the race and became the champion all you viewers knew that he was not the one who deserved to win as he played unfair. Ashoka is the one who deserved to win and played fair. His determination and hardwork was genuine as a competitor compared to that of Sushim who was greedy to win the throne by his evil thoughts.

According to the current plot, Bindusara is about to make Sushim the General Of Magadh and award him with the honorable sword. But, Chanakya advices Bindusara that he should wait until his sons mould themselves and are completely ready to take up a big responsibility like this. Hearing this Sushim loses his cool and attacks Chanakya by placing the sword in front of him. Ashoka immediately steps forward to protect Chanakya.

Seeing this inappropriate behavior Bindusara asks Sushim to leave the court room and also asks him to return the sword to the Royal Academy. Bindusara then thanks Chanakya for giving him the advice before taking any decision and chooses Ashoka to be the General Of Magadh but, Ashoka replies saying he needs time to think as it’s a very big responsibility for him.

Do you think Bindusara has made the right choice by choosing Ashoka to take the huge responsibility of becoming the General Of Magadh? Click Here To Watch The Spoiler Video.

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