Must Read: There Will Be A 'Toofan' In The Bigg Boss House Tonight!

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Bigg Boss 10 will thoroughly entertain us tonight as the 'Toofan' task gets introduced! To share a little about the task, the Bigg Boss House will turn into Kashmir, wherein there will be 'Barfeela toofan' time and again in the house. As per the task the housemates will be required to repair and paint the Igloo which has been made, every time before the storm comes, and as soon as there is storm  they will be immediately required to get inside the Igloo.


PIC 03



The storm would come 7 times, and every time the housemates go inside the Igloo the last person entering would be out of the race as a contender for the week's captaincy! So this means seven housemates will be out and the remaining two at the end will compete each other for the captaincy!


PIC 20



Hmmm.. tough fight must say! Do watch tonight's episode of Bigg Boss to know what's more in store!


PIC 22


Tune in at 10:30 PM!

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