Must read: Chandrakanta to lose her memory this weekend!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on August 23rd, 2017 at 12:31 pm

On this weekend, lots of unforeseen twists are about to happen on Chandrakanta.




Iravati and Bhadrama create another devil out of sand called as Rahu, his creation would be precisely to unravel the truth of Chandrakanta’s truest potential.

Rahu will be seen putting Chandrakanta at a spot wherein she would be required to answer all the questions thrown at her truthfully, or she would lose her life! Now this one would come across as a massive threat to her life. What will Chandrakanta do? How will she manage to save herself?




During the same ordeal there would come several protective forces to save Chandrakanta from Rahu. Will those forces be able to stop her from revealing the truth? Or Rahu will be powerful enough to defeat them all?




Another shocking moment would be when Chandrakanta would lose almost all her memories all of a sudden! She would forget about everything from the knowledge about her own powers to the facts about her past.

What will Chandrakanta do after that? Who is exactly will be behind all of this?

To know everything watch ‘Chandrakanta’


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