More Chaos? Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa! Synopsis, Day 86

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As Day 86 dawns in the Bigg Boss house, the tension of the previous day continues to prevail. Even as the luxury budget task makes it appearance to change the atmosphere in the house, some relationships continue to appear strained.

As the contestants wake up to a new day, little do they know what is coming next. Upen and Gautam’s cold war that started off on the previous day takes a new turn as the two have a major argument. Gautam gets upset when he sees Upen giving him cold looks. When Gautam asks Upen as to what his problem is, their interaction takes an ugly turn. Upen goes on to tell Gautam that he should focus on his own matters because by interfering in other peoples’ business will get him into trouble. Gautam who tries hard to keep his cool and ignore Upen’s comments eventually gets upset when Upen tries to provoke him further by standing extremely close to his face. Ali, who is bearing witness to this exchange, tries to stop the two from doing something that they might regret later because it was evident that violence was on their mind. Puneet and Dimpy, too, try to calm Upen and Gautam down, but they walk off in different directions.

After a chaotic morning, Bigg Boss announces the launch of the luxury task for the week, “Kabhi Haa, Kabhi Naa”. As a part of the task, the housemates are divided into two teams – one comprising of Sonali, Puneet, Praneet, Upen and the other comprising of Gautam, Dimpy, Ali and Pritam. With Diandra giving Karishma an advantage in the task upon her eviction through Bigg Bomb, Karishma is given the chance to stay out of the task and be the supervisor who will give points to the teams basis their performance. During the first half of the task, Sonali’s team is named the rulers while Gautam’s team are the followers. The ruling team’s task is order the followers to complete a series of difficult tasks which have to be performed basis the props which have been given to them. The followers have the right to agree or disagree to perform the task by saying Yes or No. Every ‘No’ will be a point for the Rulers and every ‘Yes’ followed by the successful completion of the task will result in winning a point for the followers.

Items like, Hula Hoop, chillies, skates, chocolate syrup, karela, etc. are given as props for the task. While Gautam, Ali and Pritam will have to perform twenty spins with a Hula Hoop, Dimpy will be seen gobbling karelas at the speed of light. Gautam drinks a bowl of raw eggs mixed lots of salt. The Rulers also ask Gautam to shave his head and Ali is asked to hold his breath in the pool for sixty seconds. After a dramatic first half, Gautam’s team breathes a sigh of relief, while Sonali’s team gears up to face the challenges that will come their way which will have the touch of revenge. Puneet will be asked to do push-ups with one hand while Upen will be seen risking a bowl full of red chili soup. Supervisor Karishma once again finds herself in the midst of arguments while being called names as the housemates question her decisions and interventions. But, who will take up the challenges sportingly and who will break down? Will have to wait and watch.

To know what happens between Upen and Gautam; and who will say ‘Haa Ya Naa’, keep watching Bigg Boss Season 8, every day at 9.00 PM, only on COLORS!

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