Monotony engulfs, housemates steal and try to run out of the house!

posted by Admin, last updated on December 28th, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Haha! So Sonali has found a timepass friend in Ali.I saw her talking to Ali this morning after all the *ladaai and jhagdaa* got over between them. Sonali was seen telling him how dark the relation between her and Upen had become! Ali and Sonali while talking noticed some soft drink inside the refrigerator that they never got to drink. In sheer mischief the two stole one can each and polished it off.Wow! I wonder how this time the refrigerator remained unlocked? 

On the other hand, Gautam, who had been missing his family since morning, all of a sudden thought to try something which could make him feel a little different. He re-enacted Ali’s act and pulled the beach recliner to climb up the house boundary! But, his intent was very different. Poor guy just wanted to look what’s happening outside. He looked funny and cute at the same time until Puneet noticed and asked what was he upto?? He immediately asked him to get off before he got warning from Bigg Boss! The boy abided. And yes! he got a written warning immediately. He got annoyed and said he was just trying to look outside as he was feeling too monotonous inside. He got irritated and asked why only he was given the warning and not Ali and Sonali who stole soft drinks without taking prior permission and information.

Oh God!


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