Miracle Saves Daadi but, Chakor Smells Defeat. #Udann

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on March 2nd, 2015 at 4:48 pm

Today in Udann we see that the doctor confirms the news with everyone else that Daadi has come back to life. Villagers, led by Bhuvan and Imli, hear the news and arrive at the hospital with an intent to continue the Anshan. Chakor hears the slogans while praying in the hospital's temple and feels hopeful about dadi's recovery.

The Chakor the comes out running to see Bhuwan  and imli with villagers and a reporter, who is recording as Chakor once again joins the villagers to continue the Anshan. Meanwhile, the doctor handsover the bullet that Daadi was shot with and Ishwar sends it to the forensic lab to confirm evidence as e has strong suspicions on Manohar and Kamal.

The doctor reveals that Daadi’s body is rejecting all the medication and she says she will only intake those intravenous medicines once the Anshan is over. Chakor is in a fix now as she has no choice left with her but breaking the Anshan to save Daadi. Kamal with an evil smile comes to Chakor with a galls of juice in his hands.

Will Chakor break the Anshan? Will Daadi survive without taking the necessary medicines?

To find out watch Udaan tonight only on Colors!

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