Meghana breaks down after knowing what Naina is going through!

posted by Shambhavi, last updated on May 24th, 2017 at 4:40 pm

In the series of events we recently saw how Naina develops red patches on her hand. Sandhya decides to point it out in front of Meghana who was unaware of Karan’s skin allergy.


Meghana decides to confront Naina asking why she hid such a big thing from her! Naina tries to make her calm down by saying that these things don’t matter to her because Karan is a good human being. Meghana angry and upset at the same time feels extremely guilty that just because of her today her sister is in such a problem and she isn’t even complaining. She says the issue is just too big to be kept hidden and that Naina could have thought twice before accepting Karan’s medical condition.





Karan overhears everything that Meghana is telling Naina. He feels restless to give medical aid to Naina for her patches. On the other hand Meghana tells Naina that the Chauhan family will have to give her an answer for having kept this thing hidden. Naina tries to stop her.





Meghana is not ready to listen. Naina doesn’t want this to happen. What will happen now?


Who is right and who is not?


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