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Devanshi, the new show on Colors TV which will air on 3rd October 2016, has been creating lot of buzz lately! The show is set up in Haryana and will take us through a child’s tryst with a God-woman and her journey to uncover the blind faith syndrome. Apart from a dramatic plot and interesting storyline, the cast is a major strength of this show. Have a look…



Kashvi Kothari as Devanshi




Little Devanshi will be played by the innocent eyed doll, Kashvi Kothari. Devanshi is a 7 year old bubbly, endearing girl who lost her parents to an accident when she was 3 months old. Following her parents’ death, she was adopted and brought up by a couple, Sarla and Omi, who live in a small town near Haryana. Devanshi loves Sarla and follows her blindly, even when Sarla forces her to wear make-up and jewelry. A very helpful child, she is instrumental in getting divine justice for the poor and punishment to the wrong- doers, however, without any power or miracle.



Karuna Pandey as Maa Kusum Sundari




Kususm Sundari is evil personified. She is vicious, vivacious and immensely ambitious. She is willing to go to any length to achieve her dreams. She propagates blind faith through her quick wit and shrewd thinking. Her claims to have some special powers have won her devotees who flock her and shower her with gifts and offerings.


Here’s what Karuna Pandey had to say about the show and her character.




Ankita Sharma as Sarla




Sarla is Devanshi’s step mother. She is a ‘sevika’ in Kusum Sunadri’s ‘ashram’ where she has been humiliated by Kusum Sundari many times. Unable to bear any children of her own, she initially hates Devanshi, but eventually decides to use her for own benefit. Greedy for money and revenge against Kusum Sundari, Sarla is a woman on a mission to prove that the God- woman, Kusum Sundari is a fraud.



Pankaj Bhatia as Omi




Omi is Sarla’s husband and Devanshi’s step father. Also a ‘sevak’ in Kusum Sundari’s ‘ashram’, Omi is a softer and henpecked husband, who is completely dominated by his wife, Sarla. He has his doubts about Kusum Sundari’s powers but does not have the strength to voice his thoughts. As greedy as his wife, Omi sides Sarla while she plots her revenge against Kusum Sundari, using little Devanshi as the tool.


Have a look at what Ankita and Pankaj had to say about being on show…




Aamir Dalvi as Mohan or Mohini




Mohan is in love with Kusum Sundari and their relationship is based on lust and money. Together, the duo has plotted to cheat innocent devotees through tricks which look like miracles.

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