Mean Girl? Karishma picks up the phone on Rahul and clears her stance!

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Karishma made the last and final call of the task and she person she rung was none other than Rahul. It began on a very straight note where Karishma confronted  Rahul but soon the conversation turned ugly. This wasn’t something that others had expected, except Upen and Pritam, who supported Karishma.


So, finally  Karishma extressed her annoyance and made it clear that hHer worry in the house was Rahul, who according to her was after her all the time, flirting around and trying to please her by saying cheesy lines, which were too irksome at times. During this task, she thought she would take his class without hesitating and thinking about the repercussions that might follow. Me thinks that this dramatic change had noticeably only happened after Upen's  come back. So, does that mean she found her real support and hence acted lioness which was contrary to her Bheegi billi behavior when Upen wasn’t around? Because she never shared her problems with Rahul when Upen wasn’t there and just smiled whenever he teased and flirted but now all of a sudden she got too vocal about the entire thing. Strange! 


She just went on and was unstoppable as she said things to Rahul, clearly asking him to back off if he had even slightest thoughts about her in mind. She said how much ever he tried luring her with his words by promising to provide nicest of things and luxuries on earth she wouldn’t fall for those as she didn’t require them rather was self capable to avail. KT, you had great opportunities even before to speak all that but why you did that on call when you knew the other person couldn’t speak anything on his defence? KT also mentioned that she was trying to avoid Rahul all this while considering Dimpy being her good friend.


KT was sounding quite provocative, but what was Rahul’s reaction? Why did Dimpy come running to hug Rahul and cried bitterly??


Wouldn’t you want to know?


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