Manohar Tries To Burn Chakor Alive #Udaan

posted by Rushi Raj, last updated on February 19th, 2015 at 1:18 pm

The Anshan has begun and Chakor's determination on getting education to the village children has kept it going strong. Even after the most dangerous threat like burning down the silk farms are being showered by Manohar at the villagers for not being a part of the Anshan the villagers have also been secretly fasting with Chakor. Chakor strongly insists that no one apart from her should be a part of this movement as its her fight to get education and she believes the freedom will follow.

Vivaan has got the green signal from Ranjhana to go and be a part of the movement alongside Chakor and he does that. But just when Chakor insists Vivaan to eat there's seen a raging fire and smoke rising from the next 'basti'. The fire creates havoc and nobody knows what is happening and the peace is lost. Daadi decides to go alone to find out what has happened and she insisted on Vivaan being with Chakor as she was worried about Chakor being left alone at the Anshan. Chakor and Vivaan are approached by Imli, who is panicked about the fire and there's no ceasing it. Vivaan rushes for help and Chakor is left alone.

Manohar now makes a Villian-ish entry and threatens Chakor to stop the movement and tells her that he is here to take her away. Chakor denies to leave the Anshan and this makes Manohar even more furious and he decides to burn Chakor alive! Manohar sets a huge circle of fire around Chakor to which there is no escape and just before the fire circle is about to complete Vivaan jumps in the fire circle to help Chakor.

Will Vivaan be able to help Chakor? Will Chakor fail to get education to the village chidren? Was setting up the neighbouring 'basti' on fire Manohar's Evil master plan?

To know keep wathcing Udann only on Colors.

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