Male Contestants Who Deserve to Win Ticket To Finale #KKK6

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They struggled, they fought, they endured, they sustained, and in short the Khiladis of Season 6 came a long way! Hats off! With finale being round the corner, let’s talk about the boys, who deserve the much sought out ‘Ticket To Finale’. 


Here are the reasons why we feel each deserves to win the ticket



1.Rakesh Kumar the ‘Real Tough Guy’- We all know there is a very hardworking and successful man behind this simple looking guy who hails from a small village. Rakesh has made a name for himself by believing in his dreams. The vigour and sincerity with which he has been doing all his stunts made him come this far. Even though being on the verge of losing quite a lot of times in the competition, Rakesh never gave up and did his stunts with complete dedication.



2.Meiyang Chang went from Good to Better – Nobody would have believed initially that even a singer could have a ‘dare-to-do- attitude and perform the most ferocious stunts that one would have never ever tried in life! Chang, with his consistent improvement in performances made us believe that nothing is impossible!



3.Iqbal Khan’s sporting Spirit – Iqbal is another Khiladi who passed the levels of tests defeating all the hidden fears. Despite being one of the contestants who came the maximum number of times in the danger zone and often joked about being a Khatra for his co-khiladi in partner stunts, Iqbal never let it affect his game. He did what he had to do and won in the end every time!



4.Hussain- The man with focus! – The simple mantra for Hussain Kuwajerwala while he performs all his stunts is to focus and concentrate. Giving all his mental and physical energy to the task makes him conquer the toughest of stunts, just like that!



5.Ashish Chaudhary- The Cool dude – The USP of Ashish is that he never thinks how tough the stunt is, or how will he manage to perform. His self-belief and cool headed attitude during the most crucial times helps him in finishing off all the stunts smoothly.



6.Nandish Sandhu worked hard! – Although being called as a ‘Wild card entry’ Nandish faced more challenges than others and had to double up his efforts to prove he was a good competition to the existing contestants. Time and again Nandish got this opportunity to prove his worth, and he did it with much ease!

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