'Main dil se khelta hoon'

posted by Anup Kadam, last updated on November 27th, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Gautam has always proclaimed that he is playing this game ‘Dil se’ and that’s the reason he has got millions of fans.  Here are the top five things which  have made Gautam from being a Bigg Boss contestant to a Star!

1) He moves like that he grooves like that

We all know ‘isse singing or dancing ka kitna shauq hai’. The impromptu songs and dance, which he comes up with surely makes him one of the unique housemates.



2) He is emotional

Girls love men who cry. Don’t they? And, this strong Punjabi munda is quite emotional. Recently, after seeing his mother he couldn’t control his tears. Also remember when his friend Puneet left the house he was devastated. They say ‘Ek saqt shareer ke peeche ek narm dil hota hai'





3) He is a leader

He knows how to lead and on many occasions he has shown this quality. He knows how to put across things and make his stance or point clear.



4) He is Quite a sport

He gets completely involved in whatever task has been given to him. He never backs out. In fact he comes up with new strategies and ideas to keep the game fun and going.




5) He is expressive

He carries his heart on his sleeves. What he feels inside he expresses it out, whether is love, like or dislike, happy, sad or upset all can be seen and felt.










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