Mahesh Bhatt creates movie scenes inside the house!

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There was a sudden announcement in the house that asked all the housemates to freeze. No, no, none of their family or friends were to come this time, but ace director Mahesh Bhatt entered the Bigg Boss house. Remember he once came and met Sunny Leone in the Bigg Boss house and look where she is now! Anyway, this time as he came, he slowly went upto each contestant delivering dialogues and monologues from his most successful movies. In a few  minutes they were released and all greeted Mr. Bhatt. The conversation between him and the housemates went on for quite some time and later Mahesh Bhatt took help of the contestants to perform small plays in the house.


The first act was UPMA acting as lovers, while KT was actually married to Rahul. The scene was of a party wherein the rest of the housemates acted friends and Rahul had to act drunk who was present in the party completely bewildered to find his wife with some other man! And the attempt to kill the other man in his wife’s life. Rahul overshadowed everyone in the performance when he threw a glass of wine on Upen making the scene look realistic. I bet you cannot afford to miss this scene!


Second act was Gautam playing a lover to Dimpy, who is Rahul's wife. Same party scenario,wherein he tried to approach his love in front of Rahul. And Dimpy’s reaction over it! Gautam later shared he was a little nervous during the scene and that he could have performed better.


My Khabri antennas wonders, if Mr.Bhatt came looking for his next muse for the next blockbuster? 


Catch how these housemates turn the task into an audition, displaying their acting skills in tonight’s episode.


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