Mahek with others feel Ali did over acting!

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Ajaz Khan was thrown out of the house yesterday for being violent and causing physical hurt to Ali. He was highly condemned by all the housemates and Bigg Boss sternly expressed of a big mistake for choosing Ajaz as one of the challengers. In a remorseful statement Big Boss asked Ajaz Khan to leave the house immediately. And everybody favored the decision. Same day everyone was being too sympathetic towards Ali, while the next day, Mahek, Gautam and Sambhavna took a stand saying although Ali was hurt, but he did more of over acting! Especially, Mahek was seen being too vocal about her thoughts. She clearly confronted Ali and mentioned the same. I wonder what took her so long to realize this yesterday?  Sambhavna, who was just waiting for such a chance, supported Mahek saying why she was a little inclined for Ajaz even being at fault. Oh! I wonder how it switched on their minds today and not yesterday when the entire Drama unfolded.


Ali was quite upset as he shared the same with Karishma, Pritam and Dimpy.This party obviously felt for Ali and criticized the changing stance of rest of the housemates. Karishma went on saying that whatever intensity it was, or hypothetically to think even if Ali did over acting nobody could deny the fact that it was the biggest Hinsa on a contestant ever!



Is this house once dividing itself in two parties? Will this once again create remarkable history of the Bigg Boss House?


Watch tonight’s episode to know more



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