Mahek finally speaks for herself against Sambhavna!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 14th, 2015 at 2:14 pm

Certain statements by Sambhavna a few days back have left scars in Mahek’s mind. Through the call center task, like others Mahek made proper use of the golden opportunity she got when she could give her share of Khari-Khoti to Sambhavna. Apparently, the two ladies have hurt each other after settling down in the Bigg Boss House post within just two weeks. The rapport they shared gave an assurance to the audience that these two would always stand beside each other whenever the time demanded. But, just in a few days their understanding have seemingly fallen apart. After making a call to Sambhavna, Mehak blurted out everything without taking a pause. Mahek went on saying that Sambhavna being a woman was behaving cheap by the way she was talking and acting and especially when she promised in front of Salman Khan that she would change her old image in her second stint in the house but today she was ruling out her own promises, by shameful act of throwing sandals on Dimpy. Mahek was so involved in vomiting out the matter that she didn’t give a chance to Sambhavna to give her part of justification. Surprisingly, Sambhavna only aimed at winning this round of the task as she patiently gave ears to Mahek and responded saying she agreed to whatever she had to say.

Though it was just a task, but every housemate used this opportunity to unleash the bitterness they had been holding almost reaching the boling point at that very moment. I also noticed that once each call got over, the sigh of relief was quite apparent on each caller’s face.


Follow the second day of the task tonight!


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