Mahek and Ali's ultimate face off!

posted by Admin, last updated on January 8th, 2015 at 12:45 pm

Ali has been hearing for past two days from Mahek that he overreacted and ovetacted when Ajaz attacked him. Initially Ali ignored her for an entire day, but this morning when he found Mahek talking to Sambhavna and others repeating the same thing he lost his cool. He fired back at her saying enough was enough and now Mahek was crossing her limits. He taunted her saying that she wasn’t a successful actress herself and she was talking about others and about their acting skills, which was none of her business! Ali went on to being too personal on this making Mehak feel disgusted as she frowned! Mahek screamed back saying that it was he who was crossing his limits and not her. She said she just pointed out what everyone felt. Not denying the fact that he was hurt; yes he was! But Ali took it way too far.

Something was truly wrong with Ali since morning because he had not only been after Mahek but even Gautam! Ali walked out of the living room when Dimpy and Karishma came to hear his side of story! But a few hours later, Ali and Mahek confronted each other after cooling down and tried talking it out wisely. I just hope they do so!


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