Mahadev intervenes in Shani and Chandra dev's conflict

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We have seen how Shani has been very protective even as a brother. He discovers that Chandra dev kidnapped his sister Yami, in order to take revenge. On knowing this, Shani straightaway reaches out to him and warns him repeatedly to improve. He even says that he wouldn’t leave him if something happens to Yami.





Later Shani gets to know how secretly Chandra kept Yami trapped, this infuriates him and in next scene we see Shani having a fight with Chandra.  Shani’s anger goes beyond control. Chandra cleverly takes his position on Shiv’s head, where Shiv has given him the place to be. When Shani tries to attack him, Mahadev clearly tells Shani that he is a karm phal data and that; his duty is not to punish anybody.





After a brief discussion, Mahadev on request of Shani allows keeping his Vakra Drishti on Chandra, however the condition is that it should be for a particular time period. Mahadev tells Shani to figure the duration by pondering deep. After thinking deeply Shani finds an answer to this, he says whoever will have his drishti will go through a journey in life, a journey that would leave the person come back to the pure from the impure path.

What will happen next on Shani?

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