Luxury Budget task: Kabhi haan kabhi na!

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The task for this week is named ‘Kabhi haan kabhi naa’.The House was divided into two teams. 1st team included participants- Praneet, Sonali, Puneet and Upen whereas the other team included – Gautam, Ali, Pritam and Dimpy. At a time one team could give orders to the opposite team and obeying the orders the other team had to listen to their ‘Hukumat’, by the use of given props in different varieties sent by Big Boss. As per the rules there was a score board in the garden area  with a YES & NO. Now, if the opposite team felt they could do the task/dare given by the first team, they could score 1 point below the YES as opposed to if the second team refused to do the task given by the first team or felt they couldn’t do it would give 1 point to the NO which was for the Hukumat team. 

It was also clearly mentioned in the letter that no such task or activity which is practically impissible or inhuman would be given to either of the teams who was doing ‘Hukumat’ . Accordingly,  the score for both YES and NO would decide the ultimate winner of the task after the two teams got a fair chance to perform the orders, making the opposite team work as per their wishes. 

Karishma was assigned to supervise both the teams because of the special right given by Diandra which would help her in future levels of Luxury budget task.

It was so interesting and fun to watch them use some props as if tgey were all participating in a highschool play. So what I saw last was, Punzz team doing the Hukumat!


Watch the Luxury budget task taking off tonight!


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