Luxury budget 'chappar phadke' #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 53

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The housemates have come a long way in the Bigg Boss house and the game seems to be taking a new turn every day. A couple of weeks ago, Armaan and Tanisha were sidelined by the other housemates, but today they are standing strong and have support from most people in the house.

Early in the morning, Sangram is seen expressing his unhappiness to Elli about his fight with Armaan. He also confesses to feeling bad about not being on talking terms with Armaan.  




Later in the day Tanisha and Pratyusha get into a fight over work when Tanisha calls her a ‘Kaamchor’. Pratyusha gets annoyed and snaps back at Tanisha saying that she should stop interfering in her work and walks off. Pratyusha goes complaining to Kamya about the fight, but to her dismay Kamya does not encourage her this time. Kamya   instead tell her that   she should be perfect with her work and not let people comment on her work.




Bigg Boss makes an announcement with reference to captaincy and asks everybody to assemble in the living room. Elli being the captain of the winning team was asked to take names of two contestants who would be eligible to become the next captain of the house. Elli with much enthusiasm nominates herself and Tanisha for captaincy. Instead of holding a secret ballot procedure, Bigg Boss calls for an open ballot and asks the housemates to choose their new captain. With maximum votes coming in favor of Elli, she is re- elected to be the next captain. Elli decides to hold a meeting with all the housemates and segregate work amongst everybody. After lot of disagreements, they finally arrive at a mutual consensus. Gauahar and Kamya are surprised as they had expected Elli to take Andy’s name instead of Tanisha’s name. They continue teasing Andy in the garden area.  


In the evening, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that the light of the wishing wall is on and the housemates are free to make a wish. Sangram who is assigned the task to sweep the house wishes for a Jhaadu with an extension that will match is height making life easier for him. Armaan asks for chicken for all the housemates. Sofia requests Bigg Boss to get Kamya to meet her daughter.  Bigg Boss later calls all the housemates in the living area and announces that  he has decided to fulfill Sangram and Sofia’s wish but under one condition. They have to take on a simple challenge where they are made to make each other laugh.  Out of the two, whosoever is able to resist their laughter wins the task and gets his or her wish fulfilled. Sangram defeats Sofia and wins a Jhadoo as a reward. 

Later, the housemates are given a chance to fill their pockets with luxury budget items. They are introduced to an activity room where the members of the winning team have to sit on a mechanical bull and collect cards that has the name of the luxury items written on it. On by one, all the six members of the winning team make an attempt and at the end of it manage to get a lot of goodies for themselves.  The housemates are elated and celebrate over winning the biggest luxury budget till date.


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