Love lessons that COLORS has taught us! #Colorsoflove #Valentine special

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Ranvir and Ishaani's Nok-jhok wala Love!

If you see them now you wouldn’t believe they were buddies since childhood. Ranvir and Ishani have crossed various phases of their relation. Friends at first, Ranvir carried a special corner in his heart for her and initially never expressed his love. But when Ishani fell for someone else and Ranveer was left out, he made our hearts cry! Later the two turned foes from friends but all this while what remained was the ‘strong bond’ the two shared and built during their innocence filled childhood. Now this could never be broken by anybody! How much ever they fought or expressed their hatred, the two couldn’t run away from the purest of feelings for each other.

 So their relation proves that a marriage which is first strengthened by a strong friendship remains unflinched and unmoved no matter what!


Jagya and Ganga’s Love of maturity and support!

Life teaches us so many lessons. Who says if someone goes away from our lives nobody else can replace it? Who said broken hearts can never be mended? Who says love happens just once?

Jagya and Ganga are the ideal examples who make us believe that life finds a way to happiness! After being unfaithful to Anandi and later failing at finding love with Gauri and being almost boycotted by his own family, Jagya had his share of lessons in love. Similarly, Ganga had a failed marriage but was rescued by Jagya and found solace in his family. Both have faced so much but have always been there for each other as a friend, philosopher and guide and found soul mates in each other. Their bond is strongly knitted with immense respect for each other and this makes us realize that even in toughest situations in life, its important to support each other with true love.


Bittu Sharma and Manju’s love is full of jokes and giggles

You might think we're kidding when we talk about love and Kapil and Manju's relation in one sentence! Complete contrast isn’t it? No matter how much fun Bittu makes of his wife’s lips and her family, seeing them pull each other's leg shows that their love needs no explanation. It’s sweet even when it’s hidden!

 Bittu Sharma and his wife Manju teach us that life is a roller-coaster and one can’t get rid of sufferings and pain,but a simple smile or a hearty laugh can make the journey much easier. Aren't they the most affable couple on Colors?


Roli-Siddhant’s Love Lesson

Roli and Siddhant’s story doesn’t only appeal to the audience but also gives a message that love remains eternal and unconditional. Though the two are husband and wife, but the friendship and respect they share towards each other is simply unique! Roli and Sid have not only faced crisis but also enjoy the happiness together and set an example as to how the relation between the two partners need a solid foundation of understanding and faith towards each other. Their relation depicts that even if one falls the others stands by and helps in coming back on the right track. True Love starts with respect and trust and this is what Roli and Siddhant teach us!


You too can share the lessons you've learned about love from your favorite Colors couples! Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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