Lopamudra accuses Priyanka and Gaurav of stealing on Bigg Boss 10!

posted by Prutha Soman, last updated on December 7th, 2016 at 1:16 pm

Lopamudra’s game…




Lopamudra hides her bundle of ‘money-points’ tonight because she doesn’t want Priyanka to snatch it from her and become a captaincy contender. As per Lopamudra’s plan, she feigns innocence when Priyanka questions about the bundle.




Priyanka smells something fishy…




Priyanka has her game in place too. She starts looking for the bundle herself assuming that Lopamudra has hidden it somewhere. She also warns her that hiding the bundle is not allowed. Lopamudra replies saying that she has lost it and she is willing to accept defeat. Priyanka however, continues checking around for the ‘lost’ bundle.


Gaurav turns the game around…




While Priyanka is at it and questioning Lopamudra, Gaurav walks in with a bundle and handing it over to Priyanka he informs that it was in the bathroom. Lopamudra is shell shocked. She accuses Gaurav and Priyanka of stealing her bundle of points.




Lopamudra is absolutely angered by all this and says that she was just saving her points from Priyanka. Hiding one’s own things cannot account to stealing. She also fights with Gaurav and tells him to play his own game rather than spoil hers. Gaurav is in turn mean to her and clarifies that he wouldn’t support her. Lopamudra is extremely hurt and breaks down by all this, so much so, that she says she doesn’t want to be in the game anymore.




How will this change the game for all housemates? Will Priyanka contest for captaincy and manage to become a captain?


That’s a lot of drama happening in the Bigg Boss 10 house and it’s definitely not to be missed! Tune in tonight at 10.30PM for more!

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