Lopa And Priyanka Have A Major Showdown Tonight On Bigg Boss 10!

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Tonight’s episode is going to be truly entertaining as we see some new twists and turns! We will see how Priyanka Jagga once again becomes a reason for disharmony in the house. She will be seen getting into an argument with Lopa which leads the latter to lose her temper completely! Lopa gets so upset with Priyanka’s behavior that she not only breaks down but becomes uncontrollable.



Priyanka will be seen throwing away Lopa’s clothes in the garden area, which naturally puts off Lopa. Not just that, Lopa will be seen asking Bigg Boss to evict either of them from the Bigg Boss House.

Do you think Bigg Boss will listen to her plea? What is going to happen next?

Do not miss tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 at 10:30 PM!





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