Looks like Gautam and Diandra will be back again!

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Looks like it’s a very good opportunity for Gautam to mend the wrecked relations within the house. Gautam didn’t use this task only to teach all of them a lesson, who had troubled and hurt him during their stay but also took special effort in his own style to approach people, who were upset with him!


Gautam went upto Diandra telling her that he wanted to talk to her. Being in the task Di’ couldn’t say no to ‘His Highness’ and this actually worked in favor of him! Diandra and Gautam had a heart to heart dialogue at length. Much needed to resolve all the issues and misunderstandings. Gautam told Diandra how he still likes her and that despite him wanting he hasn’t been able to start hating her, that’s so Sweet! He said “Meri fitrat mein fake hona nahi hai, mera kisi se bhi kuch personal nahi hai” Diandra responded saying that everytime she decides she will try to give it another try being nice to him he puts her down, relating to the recent incident where he hurt Sonali. She said “Tum hamesha below the belt comment maarte ho”. Gautam said he is still positive about her. He said he is convinced that he is going to have her number on his phone and so will she. Omg! That is some confidence dude! Gautam explained to her that its all a game, and that she should understand these things from game’s perspective.

 He even went ahead and directly questioned her that can’t she be a friend like Puneet who has stood beside him through every thick and thin? You will have to watch what was Diandra's answer to that.

But, after the conversation I saw Di crying alone. I am still convincing myself to believe that she had a change of heart. Did she? 


Catch the episode tonight at 9 pm!


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