Look who helped Karishma in the captaincy task!

posted by Anup Kadam, last updated on December 5th, 2014 at 11:12 am

After 5 days of ruling captaincy the day arrived when another contestant could get a fair chance after Pritam to become the next house captain. Big Boss called him and asked him to decide two names which he would like to give as worthies to become captain, one could be his personal choice and another from collective interests of the housemates. Surprisingly, Pritam declared himself as one nominee! Pritam you feel you didn’t get enough time to boss around? And second name was Karishma, whom people know; had been longing to be the captain ever since the beginning.

An interesting game named 'Tick Tack Toe' was set up to be played in the garden area. Yes! the same game which we all grew up playing. Team X formed for Karishma included Upen,Praneet,Diandra and Sonali whereas Team O for Pritam included Ali, Gautam and Dimpy. Puneet was asked to be the observer of the task. After the buzzer rang, only three members from each team could play the game. Pritam and Karishma from the two teams could convince the members of opposite team to change their position and form the line which could make them the winner. 

Seemed like the game would go on for long but Karishma could somehow convince Gautam to take the position as per her choice which Gauti agreed on!

Would you want to know what happened after that?

Watch Captain’s selection tonight!


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